Automated Accounting Systems

ARA transforms payment touch points into strategic engagement opportunities so as to improve accounting processes and the customer’s experience.


The software can be fully customised according to the customer journey insights.


Thanks to multichannel interaction, customers are connected through a wide range of everyday channels that significantly improve their experience.

UX Design

ARA can be set up in different languages and it provides customers with numerous payment methods for a seamless experience.


Automated customer accounting simplifies the processing of large volumes of invoices, significantly reducing the time spent by accountants to collect payments from customers.


We increase accuracy and efficiency of invoicing and payment processes, thereby generating a positive impact on the company’s cash flow and profitability.

Integrated Set Up

ARA allows customers to interact on more than 15 channels and make use of 10 payment methods. Our offer is unique as it combines strategic management with a virtual agent and a payment gateway.