Super AI Suite for your Real Estate Company’s success

A single suite to: manage, improve, automate, maximize, implement and facilitate the real estate agencies’ daily actions.

All-in-one suite

YurekAI offers a pool of tools for real estate professionals: Network panel allows to manage plans and subscriptions of an agency’s network, the MLS panel, the agency cockpit which simplify the back end activities thanks to our AI features and Domus Radar, our super worldwide portal and related phygital point that syncs every time all objects data created by the agencies’ all markets cockpit

Enhanced performances

YurekAI’s AI is integrated into management systems and automates many functions such as reactivating dormant contacts, writing from scratch descriptions and translating them, object detection on images, automatic website and many more features for real estate professionals.

Personal assistant

Imagine having a personal assistant that helps you manage your real estate agency. This means automating all processes reactivating contacts you have acquired over time and anticipating the need of clients to offer them the perfect property. These and more features will give you a competitive edge, increasing the rate of successful appointments.

State of the art technology

YurekAI is a proprietary algorithm that has no similar solutions on the market, giving our clients the head start to grow their business.

Advanced technology

Our AI capabilities provide intelligent and automated technological solutions to effectively meet the business needs of the industry.

100% Customer Satisfaction

With YurekAI, you can trust that your satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Join our family of satisfied customers and experience the difference of 100% customer satisfaction today.