Betacom Anomaly Analysis & Alarm

BETA3A (Betacom Anomaly Analysis and Alarms) is a software that manages technical faults on the components processed by a production line by sending real-time notifications.

Start and stop

It sends an HTTP event to an external application so as to communicate with a PLC and START/STOP the production process.

Different Types of Procedures

It allows to receive measurements from bead analysis and compare them with the set up preset by the application administrators.

Scalable Architecture

There are two types of alarms: urgent alarms, which stop the production process, and non-stopping alarms, which warn of a possible problem that needs to be solved before it becomes urgent.

Lean Technology

Thanks to lean technologies such as Node.js (server) and AngularJS (client), BETA3A is a lean application and it does not require complex computational resources.

Multi-device e touchscreen

Thanks to responsive web design, BETA3A can be used on computers and mobile devices such as Android tablets and Android Wear OS smartwatches.

Best Technologies

AngularJS, CSS3 and HTML5 are used to set up the front end, while the server uses Node.js and relies on an Oracle MySQL relational database, which allows toset up the application and save process data.