Thanks to our competence centre, we provide targeted services for strategic operations and DBMS functions suitable for multiple environments, by certified DBA and available 24/7.

DB administration

Flexible Database Services

The database services we provide make it easier for our customers to make a choice according to their needs and budgets. Our company provides support and customised database services for administration, disk space and users management, troubleshooting, bottleneck detection, data handling, performance & tuning, security, storage, backup and disaster recovery.

DBA Specialist

Our programmers have extensive knowledge of Cassandra databases, MySQL, SQL server databases, Oracle and MongoDB.

We operate in the leading and highest performing cloud environments: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

We can help you develop cloud-native databases and migrate your on-premise databases to the cloud. We develop and provide our customers with cloud strategies, infrastructure configuration, architecture redesign, migration and maintenance.

At Betacom, we provide a comprehensive database administration service: integration, maintenance, monitoring, optimisation, updating and performance optimisation.

After obtaining important certifications in the DBMS area, in 2009 we launched our Database Competence Centre in order to create complex projects and provide specialist support on UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms.