Realtime Web Andon for Industrial Processes

Used in manufacturing, Andon is a system designed to display key process data to operators responsible for production control and management.

Graphical Interface

BetaAndon implements a web viewer that can be set up according to needs. The table structure displayed on the board can be managed through a simple graphical interface.

Data Reception

The system manages the criteria for receiving and sending data to interfaces. It can receive data from TCP sources, PLCs or databases.

Data Transformation

Data transformation/normalisation takes place via a dynamic source code written in Javascript, which can be set up through web interfaces.

Lean Technology

Thanks to lean technologies such as Node.js (server) and AngularJS (client), BETAAndon is a lean application and it does not require complex computational resources.


The system can be set up in up to three different languages at the same time. The UI is also customisable; there are four themes available for each cell.

Innovative Technologies

AngularJS, CSS3 and HTML5 are used to set up the front end, while the server uses Node.js and relies on an Oracle MySQL relational database, which allows toset up the application and save process data.