Digital Certificates with Legal Value

Notarify is a platform that makes digital files non-editable and legally certifies them in a handy, fast and efficient way.

Blockchain Security

Notarify uses blockchain technology to ensure the security and non-editability of all types of documents, thus making blockchain notarisation a fast and reliable process.

Smart Contract

This solution ensures easy data access and sharing and guarantees information transparency. Moreover, it ensures reliable processes by means of smart contracts.

Full Legal Value

The recorded information is encrypted and digitally certified on the blockchain; a certificate with legal value is issued in order to guarantee the non-editability of the data, thus ruling out any possible litigation.

SMEs & Professionals

Notarify saves up to 80% of your time by automating file management, IP protection, know-how and KYC.

Corporate Manager

The software simplifies the management of documents by means of multiple tools, providing protection against litigations.


The software is designed to manage ID identification, data collection and electronic signatures easily and safely.